A good way to give you an idea about our capabilities is to present some of the development projects where we have contributed.

– Commercial cooling system remote supervision GSM
– Industrial robot hand electronics
– Industrial induction heater control
– Industrial robot power supply
– Industrial robot motor control
– Automatic train identification system for train wash using microwave   tags
– Design of ink jet printer head control
– CCTV video recorder control system
– Fan&climate control unit for outdoor cabinets
– Site controller for off grid telecom sites
– Diesel generator/ battery hybrid control
– Supervision and control systems for radio base station power supply
– Embedded webserver for remote telecom site supervision
– LTE-M1 controlled lock
– Production volume sign controller
– LED sign ethernet interface
– Control system for bus destination tableau
– Gear box control unit for rally cars
– 3 kW inverter for high voltage BLDC motor
– Smart ethanol sensor
– Rear view camera control system for heavy vehicles
– BMS and BMU unit for Li batteries
Food & beverage
– Restaurant beverage dispensing machine control
– Endoscopy pump control system
– HVAC control systems for buildings
– Climate control systems for cruising ships
– Climate control systems for telecom shelters
– Variable frequency 1.8 kW motor control with bridgeless SiC PFC for rotating heat exchanger
Process control
– Gas pressure analyser and chronograph
– HF heating supervision
– Transfer-moulding press alignment control
– Calibration of pressure sensors
– Handheld computerised balancing instrument for hydronic systems
– BLE controlled lock
– Pressure and velocity analyzer for ballistic lab
– Pressure sensor calibration fixture
– LTE CAT M1 controlled lock for containers & delivery boxes


Our product development model enables us to achieve and maintain a high level of quality of our designs.

Some of our customers:

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Callenberg Fläkt Marine AB
Crem International AB more
Ecoclime AB more
Emerson Network Power more
Ericsson AB
Eurenco Bofors AB
Flexit AS more
IBC Control more
Luminator Technology Group Sweden AB more
Micropower Sweden AB
Norma AB
Purcell Systems International AB more
Qlocx AB more
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and many others…