Central Supervision Unit – uninterruptable telecom power system
The purpose with the central unit is to observe and control the power of the power system. This is done to ensure a safe and secure operation. The unit shall also check the status of the system and simplify the maintenance.
The more recent devices provide functions like:

– Embedded webserver as user interface
– Ethernet interface for LAN connection
– Advanced function for battery testing- and charging
– Functions for power limiting
– Control of standby power plant (diesel generator)

We have been responsible for the hard- and software design of several Central Units used for the supervision of uninterruptable telecom power systems. I e for the following systems: RBS300, RBS310, BZA10808, BZA10818, BZA13190 and several other.

Local computers – uninterruptable telecom power system

These units are connected to the CU by a local communication bus and are used for:

– Measuring voltage, current and temperature
– Checking fuse status
– Controlling relays for load and battery switching

We have designed the hardware and software for a number of local computers for power systems.

Electronic Distribution Unit- uninterruptable telecom power system
The electronic distribution unit is based on our proprietary concept, which replaces electro-magnetic circuit breakers, series resistors (High Ohmic Distribution) and load switching relay by an electronic solution without any electro-mechanical parts. This provides a significant reduction of power losses, size and cost. The picture on the right shows a distribution unit with 8 x 10A and 1 x 20A outputs and a total output power of 1500W. A conventional solution would be about 4 times as big!

The customer

Emerson Energy Systems provides customers with highly reliable products based on proven technical platforms that are improved continously and contain a number of patented products. Our global and local expirience from demanding applications, and from highly automated volume production, enables us to provide world-class custom design solutions for customers.

Product contents

– Power Systems
– AC/DC converters
– DC/DC converters
– AC distribution systems
– DC-distribution systems
– Alarm- and control units
– Battery fuse units


– Telecom applications
– Datacom applications
– Industrial applications