Our Services

Plantron AB offers world-wide on-site consultations as well as off-site design at our premises.

System design

We are systematically examining the process of product development and design. This enables us to achieve and maintain a high level of quality of our designs.
Our services cover all phases of a project. From feasibility studies and the writing of a requirement specification to product industrialisation and technical product support.

Hardware design

We are using the most modern equipment including in-cicuit emulators, high speed digital oscilloscopes, logic analysers, variable AC and DC powersupplies, signal generators, schematic entry and PCB design software. We have equipment for radiated and conducted pre-compliance emission testing.
We make complete product documentation and can also conduct a full EMC and CE compliance test.

Software design

The programming languages we are working with include C, C++,Java, Qt, VisualBasic, JavaScript, Forth as well as assembler (ARM Cortex M0 – M7, ARM 7, ARM 9, Infineon C16x and XC16x families, Microchip PIC12, PIC16 and PIC18 families, Hitachi H8 family, Zilog Z80 and Z8 families, Rabbit Semiconductor R3000 and Z-world modules). We are using automated tools for configuration and revision management as well as for coding rule compliance testing.


We can assist our customers and conduct a full EMC and CE compliance test. This includes even the preparation of the technical documentation needed as base for the CE mark.